5 Best Free VPN You Should Be Using

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, VPN, is what it is: a virtual private network. It helps you surf the Internet safely without a trace and lets you access restricted websites or censored web contents.

A VPN will give you all of the cover you need to stay safe on the Internet. Here’s a list of 5 free VPNs you can use today, without actually paying a dime. Because, like we stated in our About page, you should be able to do things without breaking the bank.

But before we talk about those free VPNs, let talk about some of the advantages of a VPN.

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Advantages of a VPN

Here are reasons why you should use a VPN:

  • It protects your privacy. A VPN can protect you from prying eyes by jumping and shielding your IP address and also encrypting your information.
  • It helps you access restricted websites. If you have ever tried accessing a website from a restricted region, you’d know how annoying it is, but trust a VPN, it’ll help you bypass that embargo.
  • It can help you encrypt your data. By encrypting data, you can send sensitive and confidential information through the Internet without an intercept being able to read the information.
  • It can help you save money. Prices of commodities vary depending on locations. The price of a product could be lesser in USA than it is for Nigerians.
  • Browse from Texas right from Lagos. Yes, a VPN can help you feign your location.

Those are some of the advantages of using a VPN. Combined with browsing in a private tab (incognito), you’d be guarded on the Internet.

Now to the best free VPNs you can start using immediately…

5 Best Free VPN You Should Be Using

Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield logo

This is by far my most preferred VPN and it’s no surprise I remembered it first. Hotspot Shield will give you complete functionality of a VPN without charging you a dime. You don’t even have to drop your personal or card details before you can use it.

Hotspot Shield has a neat and easy-to-use interface. It gives you free 500MB access everyday making it 15GB a month, which is modest enough. It is available for both computer (software and chrome extension) and mobile. The cons is ads, ads, ads! But Hotspot Shield isn’t running a charity; they have to make money too. They, however, have a paid plan which takes care of that.

Click here to go to Hotspot Shield website.


Windscribe is another popular free VPN out there and it’s popular for a reason. I probably fell in love with Hotspot Shield first probably because I got to know it before Windscribe. Windscribe service is topnotch – the connection is very fast, offers firewall and, unlike Hotspot Shield for Android, offers servers outside the US (11 countries actually).

Windscribe gives only 2GB access a month or 10GB if you register with your email. They have a paid plan too.

Click here to go to Windscribe website.

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Avira Phantom VPN

avira VPN logo

Avira Phantom VPN is another free VPN you can start using immediately. It gives you the necessary shield you need on the internet. The downside however is that it offers only 500MB access per month except if you register and that offers even an additional meagre 500MB, making it 1GB a month.

Avira Phantom VPN also has a paid plan, but free users also get access to all of Phantom VPN’s 82 servers in 24 countries.

Click here to access Avira Phantom VPN website.


proton vpn

ProtonVPN could have been the best here because you get unlimited access. You can download, upload, watch Netflix, browse websites, use social media and so on for as long as you like without the fear of ever running out of data. The downside is that the service is ridiculously slower than the rest in this list, but not too much of an issue to worry about if you have uberfast Internet connection.

It’s available for computers (whether windows or Mac) and mobile, Android or iOs. The UI makes sense, too.

Click here to access ProtonVPN website.


tunnelbear vpn

I used to be a fan of TunnelBear until my last phone got broken. The Bear would roar when I’m connected. TunnelBear gives free 500MB a month and a host of servers to choose from. I loved the American servers I won’t lie.

I think their service makes sense and are moderately reliable. You can get an additional 1GB when you tweet about them.

Click here to access TunnelBear website.

How to get the best out of VPNs

The best way you can enjoy a VPN is to buy a paid package, if not for anything else for ease of use and consistency. You’d notice that these VPNs have data cap limiting you to only a set bandwidth. The best you can do is try all five of them and pick your best two or three and settle for them. Once you exhaust the bandwidth of one, you’d switch to another or better still choose one and choose a paid plan. That way you can rest assured you can connect to the internet with a VPN without juggling between options. That’ll make life easier for you.

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