7 Interesting Things You Can Do on Google

Google_logoWithout looking for any statistics to back it up, Google is the most popular search engine on the internet today. Although there are many others available for use freely, Google tops the list. Hardly can a person use the internet in a day without consulting almighty Google.

One thing, however, is that beyond being queried for answers to various problems, Google can come handy in doing quite a lot of tasks. In today’s post, I’ll talk about seven (7) more things you can do on Google.

Things You Can Do on Google

Below are seven (7) things you can do on Google, other than for search queries:

1. Use Google to check time

Do you have a need to check the time or date and couldn’t get it nearby? Worry not as you can use Google to check the time. The good news? Google’s time and date is accurate, using the location following your IP.

Simply log on to Google and type “what time is it” in the search box.

2. Use Google as a converter

You can use Google as a converter – to convert currencies from one unit to another and also to convert metric units. You can use Google to convert the US Dollars to Japanese Yuan, the Nigerian Naira to Ghana Cedi.

Also, you can use Google to convert meter to feet, liter to gallon and what have you.

Type in your search bar or Google’s search box “$ to Naira” and you’re good. Watch Google do the calculation in real time, regardless of how big the numbers are.

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3. Use Google to play game

This is an exciting one. Of all the things you can do on Google, this is the most interesting.

I was just about closing the tab where I searched for the meaning of a word on Google when I got a notification beneath the answer, Google asks me to check a game out! It even thought me how to play!

Go to Google and type in the search box or your browser search bar “tic-tac-toe” or “Word Coach.” You’d be stunned!

Tic-tac-toe is a pen-and-paper game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

You can play it on your phone by typing “tic-tac-toe” in the Google search box. A screenshot of the game in action is shown below:

As for Word Coach, it’s still relatively new and is not, at the time of writing this post, available to everyone yet. So you may not be able to play it now or Google may only provide it at the bottom of the search of the meaning of a word like they did for me.

4. Use Google to do math

Google is also useful for solving math problems in real time regardless of the complexity of the arithmetic – arithmetic is the keyword. Let’s, for instance, do a quick and simple one as shown in the screenshot below:

Note: arithmetic is a simple math having to do with brackets, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction – BODMAS.

5. Use Google as a dictionary

Google can also be used as a dictionary. If you’re not satisfied with the definition of a word as defined by your dictionary or it doesn’t show up at all, Google can help out.

Another interesting thing about using Google as a dictionary is that you can use it to check the meaning of slangs used on social media that normal dictionaries can’t define. If you’ve ever come across a slang on social media (Twitter especially) and confused about the meaning, check it on Google. Google has the definition of every slang used on the internet.

To do this, just type “define *insert word here*” and there you have it. Remove the quotation and the asterisks.

An example is shown below:

6. Use Google to search for the indexed pages of a website

Do you have a website and would like to check the pages indexed by Google without any technical savviness? Google can help, even when you’re on mobile. You can check the indexed pages of any website or information specific to a website irrespective of the type of device you’re on.

Just type in the search box the word “site:” and type the URL of the website in front of it. Here’s an example: site:www.naijapivot.com.

Note: There’s no space between the colon (:) and the URL.

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7. Use Google to roll your phone screen

Would you like to tilt the screen of your without having to input any technical effort or the use of software? It’s just another fun way of using Google and it’s just a Google search away. Simply type “do a barrel roll” (without the quotes) in the Google search bar.

Note: in the Google search bar on the Google homepage, not in your address bar.

WARNING: be very, very careful when using Google to search for health related issues; using Google to check for symptoms is discouraged. If you’re a man, you may end up being pregnant and if you’re a woman, you may need to have your scrotum operated – or worst, you may have cancer! Be guided.

Which of these features have you been using before? Which would you like to try out? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to share this post.

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  1. EnimoneyJune 29, 2019

    Really interesting. Will try playing tic-tac-toe. It’s an interesting game back then.


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