Airtel Data Plan: Airtel Data Subscription Code 2019

This post will reveal to you the list of Airtel data plan in 2019. This post also talk about the Airtel subscription codes, price of the Airtel data plan, price and data volume for each data plan.


When it comes to browsing the Internet, I think we can all agree that Airtel has the fastest browsing speed, great data bundle. There are also great Airtel data bonuses.

Airtel Data Plan 2019: Airtel Data Subscription Code and Price

Find the Airtel data plan that is suitable for you and their respective Airtel data code in the post.



Data Volume



1. N50 20MB 1 Day *141*50#
2. N100 75MB 1 Day *141*100#
3. N200 200MB 3 Days *141*200#
4. N300 350MB 7 Days *141*300#
5. N500 750MB 14 Days *141*500#
6. N1,000 1.5GB 30 Days *141*1000#
7. N1,200 2GB 30 Days *141*1200#
8. N1,500 3GB 30 Days *141*1500#
9. N2,000 3.5GB 30 Days *141*2000#
10. N2,500 4.5GB + 1GB Night 30 Days *141*2500#
11. N3,000 5.5GB + 1GB Night 30 Days *141*3000#
12. N4,000 7.5GB + 2GB Night 30 Days *141*4000#
13. N5,000 12GB (10GB + 2GB Night) 30 Days *141*5000#
14. N10,000 25GB 30 Days *141*10000#
15. N15,000 40GB 30 Days *141*15000#
16. N20,000 60GB 30 Days *141*20000#

Note: Night Data is usable 1AM – 7AM Daily

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The code to check your Airtel data balance is *140# and Airtel will send you a message containing all your data balance including bonuses if you have any. You can also check out my post on Airtel night plan.

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