Bobrisky: Biography, Before and After Photos and Net Worth


Social media is rife with news about Nigeria’s one and only – the sensation queen (or is it king?), the Nigerian male barbie doll Bobrisky!

Here’s what we know about Bobrisky.

In this post, you’ll learn about Bobrisky biography, before and after photos and his net worth.

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Bobrisky Biography

Bobrisky’s real name is Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye. He was born in August 31, 1992 in Lagos and attended King’s College, Lagos for his secondary school education. He later went on to University of Lagos to study Accounting.

Prior to bleaching his skin and his rise to prominence (initially on Snapchat then the entire Nigerian social media space), Bobrisky was a tall, dark guy, although bereft of beard.

Although Bobrisky is yet to undergo any surgery to transform himself to a woman completely, she dresses like a woman and has since rejected being called a “bro.”

With her popular “ta ni bro eh” video, you dare not address her as a man.

Bobrisky Before and After Photos

Here are some of Bobrisky before and after photos we were able to get:

Bobrisky before and after

Bobrisky Net Worth 2019

Looking beyond the cross dresser’s controversial lifestyle, he is a business person.

Although putting together his net worth is a bit hard, here are some of the ways he makes money:

  • She used to run a boutique in Lagos and is also very popular on social media
  • She has a huge following on Instagram and therefore makes money from Social Media Influencing
  • Bobrisky runs a make up line
  • She also said she has a boyfriend, whom she calls “bae,” who gave him #1 million, bought her a car and is ever ready to attend to her needs

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