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7 Idioms About Personality You Should Know

If you’re looking for words to describe the personality of someone, but couldn’t get any, check out these 7 personality idioms.

NERD – Someone who is very interested in science, or a person who talks a lot technology, particularly in computers.

PARTY ANIMAL – Someone who likes to attend parties.


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Difference Between ITS and IT’S

What’s the difference between ITS and IT’S?

Like your and you’re, been and being, his and he’s, this is yet another pair of words many Nigerians use inappropriately.

The misuse arose from how they’re pronounced, and truth be told, there’s no discernible difference in their pronunciation.

The two are pronounced the same way, which is …

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How to use YOUR and YOU’RE Correctly

use your and you're correctly

This is another post in the English Grammar series, where I write about English grammar – words misusage, common grammatical errors, words commonly misspelled and so on. Click on English Grammar to access all the posts in the series.

Today, I’ll be talking about the difference between your and you’re. Like many other pairs …

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