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Category: English Grammar

How to Use ITS and IT’S Correctly

Like your and you’re, been and being, his and he’s, this is yet another pair of words many Nigerians use inappropriately.

The misuse arose from how they’re pronounced. And I tell you, there’s no discernible difference in their pronunciation.

The two are pronounced the same way, which is what confuses many when it comes to …

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How to use YOUR and YOU’RE Correctly

use your and you're correctly

This is another post in the English Grammar series, where I write about English grammar – words misusage, unpardonable errors, structure, convention and so on. Click on English Grammar to access all the posts in the series.

Today, I’ll be talking about the misuse of “your” and “you’re.” Like many other pair of commonly …

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How to Use AM and I AM Correctly

use am and I'm correctly

The argument in favour of bad English by many Nigerians is that English is not native to us. Many even say that the Englishmen also don’t speak our language. But those are just excuses.

English is Nigeria’s lingua franca, (official language, that is) and so must be spoken and written correctly.

While I understand …

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