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Category: Nigeria

How to Check 2019 Jamb/UTME Result

How To Check 2019 UTME Results?

JAMB had revealed that it had standardised its result checker process, saying that candidates who sat for the 2019 UTME can check their results via their phones through a text message with a registration number.

“Candidates should not bother themselves going to any cyber cafe to check any result. …

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Nigerian Airports: List of International Airports in Nigeria

There are a number of airports in Nigeria, both international and local or domestic.

International airports provides services for international travels — that is, travel between Nigeria and other countries. They are the airports where flights take off or land for international travels.

How many international airports are in Nigeria?

There are 5 international airports …

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Nigerian Airports: List of Local Airports in Nigeria

There are a number of airports in Nigeria, both international and local.

Domestic airports provide services for only travels within Nigeria — i.e. from one state to another.

There are 23 domestic/local airports in Nigeria, namely:

Benin Airport

This is one of the oldest airports in the country. The Airport was constructed in 1956 by …

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Ranks in the Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army is an arm of the Nigerian military that is responsible for land warfare. They fight on the land while the Nigerian Airforce takes care of the air and Navy deals with the combats on and in waters.

There are commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the NA, their ranks are as listed below.

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Top 5 Luxury Nightclubs in Lagos


Lagos is all encompassing. Commerce, social life, conservative life, religious life, hideous life, nightlife, anything, Lagos has all.

There are many clubhouses in Lagos, but as with everything else, there is hierarchy. If you’d be visiting Lagos and would need a club to spend some good time, this post got you covered. Today, I’m …

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Meaning of Acronyms Relating to Nigeria

Naija Pivot

Everyone knows that FRSC means Federal Road Safety Commission. Everyone also know that NA stands for Nigeria Army, but how many people know that NERC means Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission?

That’s what this post aims to treat today — the meaning of some of the acronyms relating to Nigeria.

Grab a seat and read on. …

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Rivers in Nigeria

Rivers in Nigeria

The Rivers in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of natural resources and rivers are one of them.

We all remember the popular “some rivers in Africa…” poem back in basic school. Here today, you have “some rivers in Nigeria…”

Let’s go:

Niger River

The entire river length is 4,180 km. The river …

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Top Online Forums in Nigeria

Online forums are platforms online where you can share and take ideas, start and contribute to discussions.

Online platforms are also great for making reasonable connections and as well showcasing your genius. They can pass for news website, because people can bring on breaking news. You can also use a forum to promote your business …

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What is Nigeria’s ZIP Code?


If you’ve ever had a need to fill a form online, I’m sure you have come across a field requesting for ZIP Code.

And as a correct Nigerian that you are, the first thought that comes to your mind is 234. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s wrong.

Related Post: Nigerian …

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10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Port Harcourt


What are the most beautiful cities in Nigeria?

Nigeria is generally a beautiful country, blessed with many natural and artificial landmarks and monuments. Nigeria has most beautiful women in Africa and is home to the most handsome men.

Many states and cities in Nigeria are beautiful sights to behold, pleasing to the eyes and …

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