First Bank Airtime Recharge Code

In this post, I’ll show you the First Bank recharge code and how to use it.

As with most banks in Nigeria, you can do a lot of transactions on your phone such as paying bills, transfer and recharging your phone.

Using First Bank of Nigeria recharge code, you can recharge your phone or someone else’s phone. Follow the procedures highlighted below.

First Bank of Nigeria Recharge Code and How to Use it

Firstly, the transaction code for First Bank is *894#. You can use this code to transfer, recharge and do other things.

That is, if you want to transfer on First Bank, dial *894#. If you want to recharge, also dial *894#.

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How to Recharge Your Phone With First Bank Transfer Code

As stated earlier, the First Bank USSD code is *894# but there’s a tweak to it.

1. To Recharge your phone with First Bank transfer code, dial *894*Amount# and send. You don’t need to enter password.

Example: dial *894*100# to recharge #100 to your own number.

2. To recharge another person’s phone, dial *894*Amount*Phone-Number#. You’ll be asked to enter your PIN in the next screen. Once you enter your pin, the recharge will be successful.

Example: dial *894*100*08123456789# to recharge #100 to 08123456789.

Alternatively, dial *894# and follow the on-screen instructions.

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