How to Check Your Glo Number


People search for queries like how to check your Glo number or “how to know your phone number on Glo.”

It’s understandable; most Nigerians regardless of status or class use more than one SIM, so searching for how to check Glo number is not surprising.

Quick note: Check this post here to know the full meaning of SIM and other acronyms.

It is usually some sets of SIMs for browsing, some for calls and some numbers are for business. Knowing their numbers off-hand can be a bit too taxing.

Worry no more as I’d be showing how to check your Glo number just by dialing a number.

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How to Check Your Glo Number

Checking your Glo number is very easy. Just dial 1244. That is, call 1244 from that SIM and  Glo will dictate your phone number to you. That’s how to check Glo number

Very easy.

Hope you’ve lent how to know your Glo phone number? 

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