How to Deactivate or Cancel Airtel Caller Tunes


So you want to know how to cancel your Airtel caller tune?

You’ll know how to deactivate Airtel caller tune in this post.

Airtel nicknamed their caller tune service “hello tunes.” With Airtel hello tunes, you can set a tune or song on your line such that when someone calls you, that song is what they hear instead of the usual “grin grin” tune.

Well, to cancel your caller tune on Airtel, read on.

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How to cancel or Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune

You can deactivate your Airtel caller tune by sending STOP to 791 through SMS.

You’ll get a confirmation SMS afterwards acknowledging the cancellation of your hello tune. If not, send again until you get a reply. You can also read about Airtel data plan and Airtel night plan.

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