How to Open A Gmail Account


Gmail, owned by Google, is an email service provider giving us the opportunity of sending a mail free of charge. That is, to use Gmail, you do not have to pay any money to anyone. Just pick up your gadget, sign in to your account and send your mail. It’s as simple as that.

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Today, I’ll be guiding you through a step-by-step process of opening/creating a Gmail account with screenshots of each and every single step. You can do this either on a phone or computer; the process is the same. Due to the popularity of mobile phones, the screenshots are from my mobile phone.

Before we proceed, I’d like to tell you one good thing about a Gmail account. Like Google says, you need just one Google account to access all of other Google services including Google Drive, YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail itself. And that Google account is what you’ll learn how to create here today.

Now let’s proceed…

How to Open A Gmail Account

On the page, look to the bottom left and click on “Create account.”

  • After clicking on that, you’ll be redirected to a page that looks like in the screenshot below:

enter details

Enter your details in the provided boxes.

First name means your own name while last name means your surname.

Username means your address name. It will be used to generate your email address—that is, Your username can contain letters, numbers and periods.

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  • Enter your preferred password and enter it once again in the box marked “confirm.”

tap on next to continue

When you’re done, click on “Next”. It’s at the bottom right of the page.

  • The next page looks like the screenshot below:

how to open a gmail account

Enter your phone number in the box and click on “Next.” Google will send a confirmation SMS to your phone.

Enter the code sent to you in the box and tap on “Verify” to verify your phone.

The next page welcomes you to Google and then asks you to enter your phone number again, which this time is optional. You’d be asked to (optionally) enter a recovery email. It is advised that you enter either or both of these; it will help you to recover your password (when you forget) or get back into your account for whatever may have caused it.

how to open a gmail account

On that same page, you’d be asked to enter your birth date and gender. Click on “Next” when you’re done.

The next page brings up the Google Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Read through it and click on I agree.

how to open a gmail account

And that’s it! You now have a Google account. With this account, you can use Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs and pretty much anything Google.

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Signing in to your account

Signing in to a Google is very easy. In two steps, you’re good as done.

  • Log on to and enter your email or phone in the box provided. Tap on “Next.”
  • Enter your password and click on “Next.”
  • Wait for the page to load fully and there you’ll have your inbox.

And that’s it about how to open a Gmail account. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and others. Please use the social media share buttons.

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