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Nigerian Airports: List of Local Airports in Nigeria

There are a number of airports in Nigeria, both international and local.

Domestic airports provide services for only travels within Nigeria — i.e. from one state to another.

There are 23 domestic/local airports in Nigeria, namely:

  1. Benin Airport

This is one of the oldest airports in the country. The Airport was constructed in 1956 by the former Public Works Department (PWD) and upgraded in between 1975 and 1978 before it was finally handed over to the Nigerian Airports Authority (NAA).

  1. Ilorin Airport

The Airport was commissioned on February 16, 1978. It is located at Fili area of Ilorin about 9km Southwest of Ilorin town.

  1. Sokoto Airport

Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto was commissioned on February 17, 1982. It is located at South-south West of Sokoto. The Airport is mostly utilized during Hajj and Umrah operations.

  1. Yola Airport

The Airport was commissioned on the 27th October, 1984. There was skeletal, operation since 1978 until it was upgraded to an International Airport in 2002. The Airport is located at Jimeta, about 8km Northwest of Yola.

  1. Ibadan Airport

Ibadan Airport was commissioned in June, 1982 by the former Senate President, Joseph Wayas. The Airport is located at Alakia, which is between Adegbayi community and Iwo Road.

  1. Kaduna Airport

The Airport was officially commissioned in 1982 under the management of the Nigerian Airports Authority (NAA). The Airport is located about 12km from Kaduna Metropolis. The nearest community to the Airport is Isira Community.

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  1. Kastina Airport

Katsina Airport commenced operation on the 22nd December 1991. It is located southwest of Katsina at and about 4km from the metropolis. The nearest towns and distances to the airport are Modoju 2KM, Makeva 3KM, and Kayanki 5KM.

  1. Maiduguri Airport

The Airport serves as both domestic and international operations during Hajj operations. The Airport is located in Maiduguri and it is also surrounded by Bulunkutu, Shiwari, Shelmari and Muronti communities.

  1. Makurdi Airport

Makurdi Airport commenced operation in 1983. The Airport is located at Fili along Makurdi Gboko road.

  1. Minna Airport

Minna Airport was commissioned on 20th June, 1990 by the former Military Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida. The Airport is located in Maikunkele Bosso Local Government Area of Niger State.

  1. Sam Mbakwe Airport

Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri commenced operation in 1994. The Airport was built by the Imo State Government and handed over to the Federal Government of Nigeria under the management of FAAN.

  1. Akure Airport

Akure Airport was commissioned on 8th February 1986 as a Domestic Airport.

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Others are:

  1. Akwa Ibom Airport, Akwa Ibom
  2. Bauchi International Airport, Bauchi
  3. Jalingo Airport, Jalingo
  4. Gombe Lawanti International Airport, Gombe
  5. Osubi Airstrip, Warri
  6. Minna Airport, Minna
  7. Zaria Airport, Zaria
  8. Asaba International Airport, Asaba
  9. Sir. Ahmadu Bello International Airport, Kebbi
  10. Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar
  11. Yakubu Gowon Airport, Jos

These are the local airports in Nigeria. They do not provide immigration services, just for local travels within the country.

International airports provides services for international travels — between Nigeria and other countries. They are the airports where flights take off or land for international travels. I combed the FAAN website and got the list I reproduced in another post on the blog.

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