Meaning of Slangs and Abbreviations Used on Social Media

Our attention span is getting shorter by the day. We are getting lazy at reading, but even lazier at typing.

Typing a world fully seem to be hard work now and so people have resorted to shortening words.

To further make for smooth and humorous texting, slang words were adopted.

Today, we’re looking at the meaning of some abbreviated words and slangs used on social media.

Here you go:

Fr means for real

Rn means right now

Ffs means for fuck’s sake

Mf means motherfucker

Mfs means motherfuckers

WTF means what the fuck

Tbh means to be honest

Tbvh means to be very honest

Dunno means don’t know

Ikr means I know right

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Idk means I don’t know

I’ono means I don’t know

Woulda means would have

Cydm means check your direct message

BFF means best friend forever

DM means direct message

DP means display picture

Avi means DP or profile picture

Imma means I’m going to/I will

IMO means in my opinion

IMHO means in my honest opinion

Gonna means going to

Kinda means kind of

Brb means be right back

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Ttyl means talk to you later

Is there any one that I missed? Tell me about it in the comments.

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