Nigerian Navy Ranks: Ranks in the Nigerian Navy and Their Insignia

This post will reveal to you the Nigerian Navy ranks and their insignia.

The Nigerian Navy is a part of the Nigerian military that is responsible for the combats on and inside waters. They do their trainings and engage in warfare on waters.

In the same vein, the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Air Force are other parts of the Nigerian military responsible for warfare and the Country (and citizens) protection on land and in air respectively.

This post will reveal to you the ranks in the Nigerian Navy. Also in the post are other information about the Nigerian Navy such as the commands and a brief history.

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Ranks in the Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy, like the other military arms, have both commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

The commissioned officers are the officers who had completed a four year study in the Nigeria Defence Academy, got in through the Direct Short Service or have a university degree while the non-commissioned are the ones that got enlisted through the normal recruitment process and are the poster boys.

Nigerian Navy Ranks of Commissioned Officers

This rank is from the lowest rank to the highest.

12. Midshipman
11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
10. Sub-Lieutenant
9. Lieutenant
8. Lieutenant Commander
7. Commander
6. Captain
5. Commodore
4. Rear Admiral
3. Vice Admiral
2. Admiral
1. Admiral of the Fleet

Nigerian Navy Ranks of Non-Commissioned Officers

This rank is also from the lowest rank up to the highest.

7. Trainee
6. Ordinary Rating
5. Able Rating
4. Leading Rating
3. Petty Officer
2. Chief Petty Officer
1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer

Apparently, the highest ranking officer in the Nigerian Navy is the Admiral of the Fleet and the lowest ranking officer is the Ordinary Rating. The trainees are the new recruit and can be said to have no rank.

Nigerian Navy Commands

The Nigerian Navy has 5 commands, headed by Flag Officers Commanding (FOCs) and 5 autonomous units.

The commands are made up of 3 operational commands, which are responsible for the protection and policing of the nation’s maritime environment and also a training and one logistics command. They are:

Western Naval Command, Apapa, Lagos State
Eastern Naval Command, Calabar, Cross River State
Central Naval Command, Brass, Bayelsa State
Naval Training Command, Apapa, Lagos State
Logistic Command, Oghara, Delta State

The autonomous units are:

The Nigerian Naval Dockyard (NND), Nigerian Naval Shipyard (NNSY) both of which are responsible for carrying out third line maintenance and docking of Nigerian Navy ships.

The Naval Ordnance Depot (NOD), which stores Nigerian Navy arms and ammunition and a limited storage for the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air Force and some paramilitary units.

The Nigerian Navy Holdings Limited (NNHL) and Naval Doctrine and Assessment Centre (NDAC).

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