Polaris Bank (Skye Bank) Recharge Code

Polaris Bank

With Polaris Bank recharge code, you can load credit on your line or the line of your friends and family directly from your account.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use the Polaris Bank recharge code. The recharge code, you should note, is just a subset of the Polaris Bank transaction or USSD code.

This is perhaps one of the best things to have happened in how we bank in Nigeria. By just dialing the Polaris Bank USSD code, you can do a lot of transactions.

Note: you can only do this with the number associated with your account (i.e the number you get alerts on) and must be duly registered.

How to Use the Polaris Bank Recharge Code

Before we go to recharging your or your friend’s line, the Polaris Bank USSD code is *833#

  • To recharge your phone, dial *833*Amount#.

Example: Dial *833*100# and your line will be credited with #100 (hundred naira).

  • To recharge for someone else, dial *833*Amount*Phone Number# and enter your PIN in the next screen after which you’ll then press send.

Example: *833*100*08012345678# to recharge #100 on 08012345678.

Important Notice:

  • Recharging your phone or someone else’s phone is free! That is, you’ll be not be charged for using this service, but you must have about #10 on your line
  • The lowest amount you can recharge on Polaris Bank is #50
  • The cumulative daily amount (that is, the total of how much you can recharge in a day) on Polaris Bank is #5000


  • Polaris Bank USSD code is *833#
  • The Polaris Bank transfer code is also *833#
  • Recharge your own line by dialing *833*Amount#
  • Recharge someone else’s line by dialing *833*Amount*Phone Number#

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