Top Online Forums in Nigeria

Online forums are platforms online where you can share and take ideas, start and contribute to discussions.

Online platforms are also great for making reasonable connections and as well showcasing your genius. They can pass for news website, because people can bring on breaking news. You can also use a forum to promote your business as well as get a job.

Below are the popular online forums in Nigeria:, owned by Seun Osewa, is by far the most popular online forum in Nigeria. Hardly can you come across a Nigeria that moderately uses the internet that doesn’t know Nairaland.

Nairaland, since it was launched in 2005, has come to be the biggest forum in Nigeria. No other forum in Nigeria is close in popularity and activity.

Nairaland has many sub-forums or section, as it’s called there, specific to different topics. There is Politics Section, Webmasters Section, Family Section, Business Section, Religion Section, Romance and so on.

The owner, Seun Osewa, however, chooses to be not popular despite the popularity of his creation.

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GistMania is yet another online forum in Nigeria. It is fairly popular but not anywhere close to Nairaland.

It is strongly connect to Naijapals and you can hardly be on one without getting on the other. GistMania has its fair share of readership. “The buzz” is entertainment with a mix of celebrity gossip. It usually open discussion for news in the country.

Nigeria Best Forum, NBF, is not even as much known as Gistmania, but, I must say, do get a moderate number of visits.

Most of the open discussions on the forum are not replied/not engaged, but do get a moderate number of views. It however has a section dedicated to “free classified ads”, as they call it.

The name alone is enough to tell what it is about. Nigeria Student Forum is largely about education with most of its topics about admissions, schools, exams and so on. It also have sections for politics, health & fitness, sports & gaming, business and so forth.

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Worthy mention: — largely about cryptocurrency, but has other sections.


Forums are not so much a big deal in Nigeria. We have social media like Twitter and Instagram that are eroding the subsistence of forums and that’s explains why they are not so popular.

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