Why You Should Sign in to Gmail on Your Android Phone

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Gmail is Google’s free email service platform available to all and sundry accessible on both mobile and computers. Gmail gives us the opportunity to send and receive mails free of charge.

If you’d like to know the difference between email and Gmail, I wrote about it here. I also wrote a post detailing the process of opening a Gmail account here and Yahoo! account here.

Beyond being used for mailing, Gmail will give you the access to other Google products. In their own words, Google said: one account, all of Google.

Now let’s talk about other stuffs you can use Gmail for on your Android phones — 5 reasons you should sign in to Gmail on your android phone.

But before that, I’d like to inform you that Android is an open source operating system created by Google and that explains why you have many Google products pre-installed on your new Android phone.

5 Things You Can Use Gmail For

1. Use Gmail to receive and send mails

This is pretty obvious. But the catch is that you should actually sign in to your email on the Gmail app that comes with your phone. Signing into the app enables the app and your Gmail account to function properly as it synchronizes with other Google products on your phone.

2. Save Contacts on Gmail

The days of losing a SIM card and losing all of the phone numbers/contacts saved on it are gone. You also don’t have to lose all of your contacts when you lose a phone.

Signing in to the Gmail app on your phone gives you the opportunity to save phone numbers in your Gmail account. Once signed in, your phone will present you with an option of saving your number on your account.

When you lose or change your phone, signing in will automatically sync Gmail with your contact and you’ll have your contacts back! You can as well access it online by visiting https://contacts.google.com.

3. Backup your data

With Gmail signed in, you can back up your data on your Google account.
Just go to Settings » Backup & reset and click on “Backup account.” There you can choose to back up your data on your Google account. This makes it easy for you to restore your settings and data on your new Android phone.

4. Use Google Drive effortlessly

Again, signing in to Gmail gives you automatic access to Google Drive. You won’t have to go through the stress of signing in to it separately.

Google Drive gives you 15GB of storage for storing your files. With this you can save your photos, videos, documents etc. on Google’s servers without fear of losing them should anything happen to your phone.

Also, when you have your documents saved on Google Drive, you can access them anywhere and at anytime. It is as simple as signing in with your Google account.

5. Bookmark important web contents easily

The same Google that owns Gmail owns Chrome. Chrome is a very good browser with great UX. It makes browsing easy and effortless.

With Gmail signed in, you are automatically signed in on Chrome. Yes, Google is that snoopy. But one good thing about that is that whatever web content you bookmark in your Chrome browser is accessible on all Chrome browsers when you sign in, regardless of the kind of gadget it is.

There’s much more benefit to signing in to your Google account on your Android phone, but these are the ones I decided to talk about in this post.

What happens when you lost your phone?

As great as signing in to your Gmail o Android is, there is a huge problem when you lose your phone. Although, many people would immediately restore the factory settings of the phone when they get hold of it, but trust me, that’s the best that can happen to you as the owner.

The bigger trouble is when the person decides to access the apps and files on the phone. Many of the data and information, however sensitive they are, can be compromised. And the biggest is them accessing your Gmail account.

What do you do when your phone is lost or stolen?

So here’s what you should do when your phone is stolen or lost.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account on a browser of another device
  • Then go to https://myaccount.google.com
  • Under “we keep your account protected,” click on “Get started
  • A page will come up giving you details about the devices you’re signed in on, now click on “Your devices
  • Scroll down to the part where you’re told the number of devices you’re signed in on and click on it
  • Click on the three dots before (i.e in front of) that device name and tap “Remove

Once you do that, you’d be signed out of that device immediately and if anyone tries to do anything with your account, Gmail will request that they enter the password to the account.
And that saves the day. The best thing however is to keep your device safe.

God bless us.

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