8 Yoruba Names You’ll Find in the Dictionary. Is Yours There?

Yoruba Names in the Dictionary

Have you ever thought you could find Yoruba names in the dictionary?

I bet you’ve never thought about it. But the thing is you’ve likely come across these Yoruba names in the dictionary and perhaps used them in as many sentences; just never thought about it.

Well, in this post I’ll show you 8 Yoruba names you’ll find in the dictionary. Check them out and see if yours is there.

Note: All English definitions are adapted from Google. You know you could use Google as a dictionary, right? If you don’t, I wrote a post about incredible things you could use Google for. Go read it.

Yoruba Names in the Dictionary


Pronunciation in Yoruba: Her-kin

If you’re Yoruba or have been living with the Yoruba people for some time, you’d know a few people with this name. Akin is very hard to miss as it’s a very popular one.

It is usually prefixed to a name such as Akintola, Akintunde, Akinbobola and so on.

In Yoruba, Akin would loosely translate to mean “bravery” or the “the brave.” For instance, Akintola means “bravery suffice as wealth.” Akinwale would mean “the brave returns home.” Remember that those are direct translations; Yoruba names are usually symbolic, with underlying stories or history that explains it’s relevance.

Akin in English means “of similar character.”

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Yoruba Pronunciation: Beam-bor

This is yet another Yoruba name you will find in the dictionary. Bimbo used to be exclusively for females, but has recently been adopted for males. Bimbo is contracted for the sake of convenience. Although it has many variants, the most popular one is Bimbola or Abimbola, if you like.

In Yoruba, Bimbola means “Born to wealth.” In English, bimbo means “an attractive but unintelligent or frivolous young woman” and that’s derogatory.

Sorry, Bimbo, but that’s what your name means in English.


Yoruba Pronunciation: Dar-ray

Dare means “vindicated” in Yoruba. In English, it means “have the courage to do something.” That’s a good one and everyone should always “dare” for more good stuff.

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Yoruba Pronunciation: Her-dey

Ade is yet another Yoruba name that is very popoular. Even popular than Akin. Ade used to be attributed to royalty, but everyone is now royal in their own right, which explains why everyone and their dog now bears Ade.

Ade, literally, means “crown,” but is more significant when attached to names, such as Adekunle, which means “the house is full of crown” which essentially signifies a family (full) of royal people.

The English people use -ade as a suffix and is use it in “forming nouns denoting an action that is completed.”


Pronunciation: Lor-lar

Lola is exclusively reserved for women. It is both names in the English, Yoruba and many other languages. Wikipedia as an entire page for Lola.


Pronunciation: Shaw-lar

Sholas are “patches of stunted evergreen tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forest found in valleys amid rolling grassland.” Not one to brag about. Sorry, brother/aunty Shola.


Pronunciation: Kor-la

Yoruba people use this masculine sounding name specially for their male children. It means “adds to wealth,” literally. Adekola therefore means, “royalty meets wealth.”

Well, kola in English means “A tree, genus Cola, bearing large brown seeds (“nuts”) that are the source of cola extract.”


Yoruba Pronunciation: Bor-dey

Bode in Yoruba, I’m sure you know, means, “return back.” When used for a name, it is more symbolic; that is, it tells a story, and can not be translated literally.

Examples of names with Bode affixed to them are Akinbode and Olabode.

Bode in English means “be a portent of a particular outcome.”

These are some of the Yoruba names you’ll find in the English dictionary. Is your name there?

Are there other names we can find in the dictionary that are not among these ones?

Please tell us by dropping a comment below.

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